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"We know about Success because it's Written on our Sleeve"

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Welcome to Our Online Embroidery & Printing Shop




We carry All of the Top Name Brand Clothing and Apparel, and we have a long list of Clothing Suppliers. This allows us to offer the Best quality at an affordable price.


Order By Phone


Having trouble placing your logo embroidery and/or screen printing order or deciding what's best for you? Place your logo embroidery or screen printing order over the phone and we will try our best to assist you in your decision making process. Our embroidery company's specialists will help you find what's right for you.

Call: (856) 228-1615


"Where Quality isn't a Goal it's a Standard"




Screen Printing



  • Embroidery is more attractive.

  • No minimum quantity.

  • Quicker turn around on most orders

  • There are usually no setup fees associated with embroidery.

  • May hold up better and is not as susceptible to harsh conditions (i.e. extreme heat).

  • Quicker turn around on most orders

  • With embroidery you have the option to choose a design from our library of over 16,000 stock designs.

  • There is no additional cost for additional colors so embroidered designs can be more colorful



  • Printing cost a lot less than embroidery. This is particularly true if you plan to do a large area. If you are doing a large area such as the full back of a shirt, embroidery will cost between $15.00 and $30.00 per item where as printing will cost between $0.50 and $5.00 per item depending on the number of colors and the quantity.

  • Printed designs can be a lot more elaborate and detailed. Almost any design can be screen printed where as some designs are impossible to embroider.




  • Embroidery puts a lot of thread on the item being embroidered. The weight of this thread of a large design on a thin item such as a Tee Shirt can cause the shirt to sag.

  • The setup process for embroidering your own design involves converting the design file to a stitch file that the embroidery machine can understand. This process usually cost more then the set up for printing and can cost anywhere between $50 and $150. However this is a one time cost, therefore there would be no digitizing charges for future orders with the same design.



  • Because screens have to be set up and paint applied to those screens, the minimum quantity for printing is 10. Where as the minimum quantity for embroidery is one.

  • There is a set up cost associated with screen printing of $20 per color. However this is a one time cost, therefore there would be no charges for future orders with the same design.


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